Here we go. We’ve just moved into a beautiful studio apartment on the water in Cobble Hill, BK. Our huge window looks out on the river, Manhattan, and, on a clear day, lady Liberty herself. Soon we’ll be cursing the wind off the water as the temperature drops, but for now fall offers a nice stroll past the brownstones to our wrought-iron entrance and the newly-formed hole expanding beneath the bathroom.

Fall is a time when the oven really kicks into gear. In an apartment like ours, it could do some serious heating of the house, while roasting a chicken, baking some pie, or braising a pork shoulder for a few hours while working at the table. However, an oven is the one thing this apartment lacks. So we’re going to see what can be done with four burners, a few pots, and seasonal flavors. We’ll post some recipes, thoughts, and stories about cooking and otherwise, and hopefully something good will come out of it all. Maybe even some urban foraging before we’re covered in snow. Hope you enjoy.


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