Here’s a view of what we’re working with.  Hopefully we’ll pick up a few more things (e.g. spatula(s), whisk, braise/stock pot)  but for the moment we’ve got what we’ve got.

The Kitchen
The Kitchen

As you can see, we’ve got terribly little counter space, just enough for an 8*8 or so cutting board and an espresso machine (courtesy of the wonderful Marilyn Greif).  We do regular coffee french-press style because it’s small, we can put it away, and let’s face it, it’s just better.

Our 4-Burner Hookup

Our 4-Burner Hookup

So one good thing about the kitchen is that the burners are pretty legit.  Not the flamethrowers that scalded my crab in a few seconds at Locanda Verde, but there are a couple larger, couple smaller burners here, so controlling temperature is something of a possibility.  4 burners, 3 cooking contraptions (though I also have a sizzle platter that found its way home with me from The Dressing Room).

One more, complete with tiny fridge.

One more, complete with tiny fridge.

The fridge, while a huge pain, actually helps to ensure that whatever we’re using is fresh, because we just don’t have room to  buy a bunch of stuff and let it sit.  So far I’ve shopped for groceries every day, and found a bunch of great places in the process.

And the part that makes it all worth it...

And the part that makes it all worth it...

The view.


One response to “Equipped

  1. Glad you guys are doing this. I was just wondering and going to put it out on the list serv if anybody had any good, easy recipes. I hate to cook and have been avoiding it, which hasn’t worked out well in my favor.

    I look forward to trying something from here soon

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