Ovenless Turkey

A quick post as the beginning of a (hopeful) return to recipes.  To be honest, I was not ovenless this Thanksgiving;  I was in Connecticut at my parents’ house, using their beautifully equipped kitchen.  However, we gave some ovenless turkey a shot to see how it would work out.  How?  Sous-vide.

Traditional? No. Delicious? Yes.

I vacuum-packed the breast with a little olive oil and salt when I picked up the turkey from my friend Jon Vaast at The Dressing Room in Westport, CT (my training grounds).  At home, I set it in a pot on some forks (to keep it from sitting on the bottom of the pot) and set the flame to X-Lo (an amazing setting on this stove which turns the flame on for something like 7 seconds out of every 30), which pretty much kept the temperature at 160 degrees (with occasional extra heat).  I stirred the water a few times just to move it around, but mostly didn’t mind it.  After a few hours (4? 5?) I took the bag out, let it cool a few minutes, then put it in an ice bath for a few minutes more.  I cut open the bag and took out the breast.  After a quick sear, it looked like it had been roasting for hours, but was moist and tender.  Maybe a new tradition…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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