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Meal: Greenmarket Pot Roast

We planned Wednesday night as ours to hang out in the apartment and get down to some Christmastime decorating (see previous post for fireplace pic).  In order to do so, I put together a greenmarket pot roast to feast on while stringing popcorn and stitching stockings (almost sickeningly cute).  It was seriously delicious. Continue reading


Meal: Pork Chops with Sweet Potato Mash and Eggplant

Thanksgiving is just around the weekend, and many poor souls out there have been turned from sweet potatoes (or improperly converted) by the old marshmallow-covered standby of Novembers past.  While it may have its charms, there is a place to balance between the cloyingly sweet traditional preparation of sweet potatoes, and the just-the-right-touch of sweet and salty coming together in good mashed sweet potatoes.  As versatile as any regular potato, sweet potatoes can be mandolined and laid out in a delicious gratin, sliced into medallions and sauteed or fried, roasted into sweet potato fries or tossed cold into a salad, and mixed with a wide variety of sweet and savory additions ranging from maple syrup to bacon.  They go extremely well with steak, sausage, chicken, pork, and, of course, turkey.

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Quickie: Vegetable Gravy

Great for an afternoon snack (and in no small way facilitated by my current spot — egg restaurant in williamsburg, bk) this veg. gravy is a good way to get you from a small breakfast to a late dinner.

We took whatever vegetables we had in the fridge, which included some leek, mushrooms, carrots, brussels sprouts, a little sundried tomato and spinach, and sauteed them together in a nice knob of butter.  When the veg got some color, we added about a tablespoon of flour and got it all incorporated, letting it sit on the heat for a minute, then pouring in a cup or so of milk.  We seasoned it with salt, a bunch of black pepper, and a little sriracha.  Let the pan sit on medium-high heat for a few minutes for the milk to reduce and thicken with the flour until you’ve got some tasty gravy.  We had a couple biscuits from the restaurant, you can find yours anywhere.


Biscuits and Gravy

Sauce: Pork Ragu

It’s been over a week since this recipe actually happened, and almost a week since we’ve posted anything here, so hopefully I can remember it in enough detail to make it work again.  I stopped at Los Paisanos Meat Market on Smith St. to take a look around and pick up a sausage for lunch (their lamb sausage on a roll with Newpond Farm cheese and red onions was delicious).  While I was there, I saw some cheap pork shoulder ($3.50 a pound, I believe) just asking to be braised, so I picked up a couple pounds and planned to make some pasta sauce.

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Meal: Pan-Roasted Chicken with Brussels Sprouts

So when you’re legitimately uncomfortable walking around outside, in the middle of the day, without a light jacket or sweatshirt, it’s time to give it up:  fall is here.

A few days ago I stopped by Holbrook Farm in CT (I know we keep mentioning them; don’t worry, we’ll pass on a bit more info soon) and was lucky enough to grab a bag of their first Brussels sprouts of the season.  Though the first frost hadn’t hit yet (which always makes the sprouts sweeter) I was craving them.  I knew I’d sear them with cranberries, as I learned from John Holzwarth at The Dressing Room, but not quite sure if that would be all, or what I’d end up pairing them with.

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The Premise

So in the next couple of weeks we’ll really get going with recipes and ideas on the site.  At the moment, I’m scrambling to finish a Fulbright application, and Rachel is busy as ever at the studio and with her music  (keep your eyes out, by the way).

In case you’re not entirely clear on the premise here:

1) We live in Brooklyn.

2) We do not have an oven.

3) We might as well call the site Moneyless Brooklyn.

So the dishes we’ll be putting up here are going to be, aside from delicious, generally things you can make on a budget, though there’s sure to be the occasional splurge.  For example, we’re going to do something with fresh duck, since a couple of friends of mine, Lynn and John Holbrook at Holbrook Farm in Bethel, CT have been getting some great duck, capons, and chickens in at their farm recently.  And with Fall upon us, I’m craving some root vegetables and pink, succulent duck breasts.  Maybe some ragu made with the braised legs.

Since we officially began this thing, there hasn’t been much kitchen excitement, but sometimes the most straightforward meals are the best.  I made a burger last night, nothing special, but the bread was from Mazzolo’s on Henry and Union, which has some of the best Italian pastries and breads in the neighborhood.  There’s also, on a side note, a great cafe called Marius on the corner across the street.  According to the barista, the cafe has been there for a minute, but ownership just recently changed, and they’re doing a good job.  Free wi-fi, some coffee and bagels…all you really need.

On Wednesday I was craving that duck, since I’d had a chat with Lynn and John earlier in the day when I stopped back in Connecticut (side note: apple picking in Bethel tomorrow…can’t wait).  So on the way home I stopped at Trader Joe’s on Atlantic and picked up the closest thing to it:  chicken thighs.  They get a bad rep for being cheap and somewhat fatty, but that’s what I was looking for.  I think it cost me just over 7 bucks for the thighs and piece of butternut squash ($16 if you count the six-pack of Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale I grabbed while on line).  I’ll do a separate post with the ‘recipe’, but combined with some sopressata we had in the fridge, a little rosemary and sage, and some potatoes and turnips I had picked up from Holbrook that morning ($4? Maybe?), we had a pretty serious eat.

Note: Must give credit to the potato hash and eggs that gave me the strength for this post.

2nd Note:  Sriracha in hash browns.  Done.  (Credit to Rachel)


Here we go. We’ve just moved into a beautiful studio apartment on the water in Cobble Hill, BK. Our huge window looks out on the river, Manhattan, and, on a clear day, lady Liberty herself. Soon we’ll be cursing the wind off the water as the temperature drops, but for now fall offers a nice stroll past the brownstones to our wrought-iron entrance and the newly-formed hole expanding beneath the bathroom.

Fall is a time when the oven really kicks into gear. In an apartment like ours, it could do some serious heating of the house, while roasting a chicken, baking some pie, or braising a pork shoulder for a few hours while working at the table. However, an oven is the one thing this apartment lacks. So we’re going to see what can be done with four burners, a few pots, and seasonal flavors. We’ll post some recipes, thoughts, and stories about cooking and otherwise, and hopefully something good will come out of it all. Maybe even some urban foraging before we’re covered in snow. Hope you enjoy.