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Meal: Greenmarket Pot Roast

We planned Wednesday night as ours to hang out in the apartment and get down to some Christmastime decorating (see previous post for fireplace pic).  In order to do so, I put together a greenmarket pot roast to feast on while stringing popcorn and stitching stockings (almost sickeningly cute).  It was seriously delicious. Continue reading



As I mentioned early in the life of this blog, it is important not only how you cook your food, but what food you choose to cook as well.  There’s no lack of materials out there you can use to educate yourself about food, but it may take some looking.  Hopefully having some links, books, and information listed here will make the search a little shorter.  Keep in mind that this is a very incomplete list, but it’s a way to get started. Continue reading

Featured Farm: Holbrook, Bethel CT

Saturday morning.  It’s the first day Rachel and I both have off in the apartment, and so of course we toast up a bagel and sit down to blog a bit.

This time last week we were getting off a train in Redding, CT, with plans to go apple picking, see my family, and secretly sneak in our oven fix by roasting a couple chickens!

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